Tango is About the Connection™

by Gabriela Condrea
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Seattle Weekend of Workshops Flier

Seattle Weekend of Workshops:
Tango is About the Connection (Seattle)

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Pre-registration by April 28, 2011

SATURDAY, April 30th

*Saturday venue: Union Cultural Center
954 E. Union St.
(corner of 10th and Union)
Seattle, WA 98122   (map)

Tango is About the Connection (4:15-6:15pm):

This workshop is designed to fine-tune your skill of perceiving what your partner wants and hone your ability to ask for what you need without words.
$20 prepay, $25 at the door

Feel the Music, Be the Music (6:30-8:30pm):

The tango couple is a musical instrument; both leads and follows contribute to musicality and participate in the conversation with the orchestra. In this workshop we will explore different ways of connecting and playing with various types of tango music (rhythmic, melodic, tango electronico, etc.).
$20 prepay, $25 at the door

Liberate Your Legs - Ladies' Adornments (9:00-10:00pm):

Liberate your legs; play with your feet. One hour of tools to help you personalize your tango by creating your own adornments. Ladies only.
$15 (not included in prepay deal)

>There is a milonga Saturday nights at Dance Underground that I highly recommend!<

SUNDAY, May 1st

*Sunday venue: LUCID Jazz Lounge
5241 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105   (map)

Learn to Listen; Learn to Play

Feel rather than think, see possibilities instead of figures, seize each moment of every tango--and play! This workshop will help you leave your plans behind and focus on the moment: on yourself, your partner and the co-created conversation that is tango. Tango is a game of improvisation: Learn to Listen; Learn to Play.
$40 prepay, $45 at the door

Guided Practica (7:00-8:00pm):

I'll be around for questions or trouble-shooting/problem-solving or you can stay and play with the ideas from the workshop. I bet you'll have the urge to keep dancing!
$5 for workshop participants, $8 drop-in

>Live Tango @ LUCID 8pm-11pm: Live tango music and dancing with Ben Thomas and friends in this small, intimate neighborhood jazz lounge in the University District in Seattle. <

-----------------------------PRE-REGISTRATION INFO!----------------------------

Pre-register by April 28, 2011 and save:

save $5 on each workshop* OR
all three workshops* + practica = $70 total (save an extra $15)

* Ladies’ Adornments workshop not included in prepay deal

You can use your PayPal account or a credit/debit card to prepay via PayPal button

Contact Gabriela Condrea for details about pre-registration or any questions you might have:

email: gcondrea@hotmail.com
Skype: "gabicondrea"

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