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Tango is About the Connection™

by Gabriela Condrea
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Tango: A Game of Improvisation Workshop ©

couple playing Level: Intermediate-Advanced

*modeled after Rodolfo Dinzel's Seminario de Improvisacion*

Co-create an active partnership, see "mistakes" as opportunities, dance in the moment, be in the moment. Spend four hours of your life feeling rather than thinking. This workshop will help you focus on the present: on yourself, your partner, and the conversation that is tango. Tango is a game of improvisation: seize each moment of every tango - and play.

Suggested attire: Wear clothing and shoes that will allow you to play.


Upcoming Workshops: 2010 & 2011, Saturday, January 14th, 2012, US & Canada Tour: September 22 (Lincoln, NE), February 2, 2013 (Tango, Inside-Out Workshop Series, Seattle)

More Details: This workshop is designed to get you to let loose and play with your tango. Tango is an improvised dance of two people walking as one; it is a conversation. In order to be able to walk as one, two people must develop their communication (just like in any relationship). Thus, the first part of the workshop will reinforce listening to each other and the connection that is the foundation of tango. Learning to listen better will amplify the possibilities as we learn to play. This will be the focus of the second part of the workshop: finding our inner child. We all know how to play and improvise. The goal is to chip away at all the layers of the mold society puts on us to bring out this playfulness. In order to have a physical conversation that truly is in-the-moment, we must stop letting our planning interfere with feeling, from both the role of the lead and the follow. This workshop will not be about sequences of moves; on the contrary, it will be about strategies to help you find new ways to interact and converse and create moves that you never even thought possible. Tango is a game of improvisation.


"Mistakes into moves. Fun in the moment."

"I feel like I have permission to be more of an active partner in the dance."

"I feel the potential of being able to listen and being listened to."

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