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Tango is About the Connection™

by Gabriela Condrea
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Author, Teacher, and Student of Life

Author & Argentine Tango Teacher Gabriela Condrea

Gabriela Condrea is a traveling Argentine Tango teacher and author of the book When 1+1=1: That “Impossible” Connection (now also in Spanish!) – on tango and life and interpersonal relationships. A teacher(sharer) by trade, she has a Master's in Education, a Bachelor's in International Relations & Italian Language & Literature, she taught 8th Grade Language Arts for 4 years (2 years in the competitive Teach for America program), taught gymnastics at Seattle Gymnastics Academy for 10 years, and has been teaching something (languages, reading & writing, gymnastics, mathematics, tango) for over 18 years. Between travels, you’ll find her at home in Seattle or Buenos Aires, sharing the lessons she’s gathered from dance floors far and wide – from her intensive studies in Buenos Aires (where she first met tango) to Europe and all over North America – through workshops, classes, and private lessons for dancers of all levels (beginner – intermediate/advanced).

Like most love affairs, it happened when I least expected it...

My affair with tango began the night I arrived in Buenos Aires. I was checking into my hostel when a group of fellow travelers invited me to join them for a tango class at this club called La Viruta. It was love at first sight.

Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to the Dinzel Studio. The Studio, with its friendly, family atmosphere, became my second home. It was the perfect place for me to build my confidence and grow as a tanguera. I spent every day except for Sundays (when it's closed) there and many nights at the milongas dancing tango.

The first two years after I met tango, I spent more time in Buenos Aires than anywhere else. I resigned from my job teaching 8th Grade Language Arts (English) in Seattle and lived in Buenos Aires for a total of 16 months, studying tango intensively: dancing, performing, exploring different pedagogical styles and techniques, reflecting and writing.
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After releasing my book, When 1+1=1: That “Impossible” Connection in August 2011, I traveled to Europe, promoting my book at milongas across the continent (Europe Book Tour 2011), and drove literally “around” North America (visiting 70 cities in 34 states) during my 2012 US & Canada Book & Tango Tour, presenting my book and teaching tango -- from San Diego to Orlando to Portland, Maine to Cleveland and many places in between.

When I am not on the road or in Buenos Aires, you can find me at home in Seattle, where I share the lessons I gather from dance floors far and wide through workshops and classes for tangueros of all levels (beginner to intermediate/advanced). I also share my love for tango through performances, interactive book presentations, dance events and collaborations with musicians and fellow performing artists. The positive collaborative energy is invigorating!

I teach tango with the idea that the connection comes first; that if you build a good connection, the possibilities are endless. Tango is about what is, not what should be. Each tango is unique and each person brings something exceptional to the dance. Since the tango couple is more than just the sum of its parts, you can’t dance tango by yourself. Tango is about the connection™ with your partner, with those who share the space with you, and with yourself.

- Gabriela "la moldava" Condrea

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