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Tango is About the Connection™

by Gabriela Condrea
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Private Lessons

Classes and Workshops

My focus in teaching tango is developing the connection - the ultimate and never-ending endeavor.  Below is a list of classes and workshops that I have offered.  To see upcoming events, please go to the events calendar.

For those new to tango

TANGO LAB: Beginners + Intermediate
Wednesdays ~ Belltown, Seattle

TANGO LAB by Gabriela Condrea

Intro to the Language of Tango Workshops

people dancing tango

Tango Basics BOOTCAMPS!

people dancing tango

Clases de Tango en Los Floristas!
los martes (Buenos Aires)
16 abril - 11 junio 2013

tango en Los Floristas

Private Lessons with Gabriela

Gabriela Condrea teaches private lessons for beginning-advanced men, women, (follows, leads) and pairs and has done so all over the United States. Her focus is developing the connection, in the dance overall and in specific areas of difficulty. Gabriela's approach is holistic, seeking to shape her students' dance from the inside-out. In the more intimate setting of private instruction, she has the opportunity to address deeper issues particular to each individual or couple.

Pricing & payment:

$80/hr for individuals or pairs
(Save on multiple lessons)

Private lesson prices do not include floor fees/rental costs. An additional fee may apply.

Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, or by pre-paying here:

private lesson options

For intermediate-advanced tangueros

Tango is About the Connection™ Workshop + Guided Práctica
2nd Sundays, Seattle

couple dancing tango

Tango: A Game of Improvisation ©
* modeled after Rodolfo Dinzel's Seminario de Improvisación *

couple playing

A New Flavor of Chocolate:
Developing Presence in Tango ©

Chocolate Workshop description

Feel the Music; Be the Music©
A Workshop on Musicality

workshop description

Play with your Feet!
A Workshop on Ladies' Adornments ©

youtube video

Let's Play Footsie!
Technique, from the Inside-Out ©

footsie workshop flier

More workshop topics
by Gabriela

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