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When 1+1=1
by Gabriela "la Moldava" Condrea

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Requests for permission to make copies of any part of the book When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection or Connection Games card game should be sent in writing to the email below.

proof of book w MamaI am available for teaching engagements, interactive book & tango presentations, seminars, social-emotional learning programs, and other creative collaborative ventures. And I love to hear feedback about my book and game!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Gabriela Condrea, M.Ed.

author, teacher, student of life

206.778.3239 US | 15 3365 9833 Buenos Aires
email: whenoneplusone[at]
instagram: @whenoneplusone
twitter: @whenoneplusone
Facebook Pages: When 1+1=1 by Gabriela Condrea & Tango is About the Connection

* The above phone numbers are only good when Gabriela is in the respective country. Otherwise, email is better.