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Tango is About the Connection™

by Gabriela Condrea
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Tango Connection Workshops + RobertWadePhoto.comGuided Práctica

Level: Adv Beginners & beyond!

Saturday, February 1st, 1-5pm
Yellow Hippopotamus Dance Studio
(please call 206.778.3239 for address)
Shoreline, WA

Come walk with me...

Workshops by Gabriela Condrea, author of When 1+1=1

Small, intimate & intense! Don't miss this unique day full of workshops centered around the theme of connection! When we interact with one another with the intention of developing and maintaining a connection, the way we move embodies that scope. Gabriela takes an inside-out approach to teaching tango technique because what we find most memorable in a dance that lingers with us long after we part is usually on the inside: TANGO, INSIDE-OUT.


1pm Tango is About the Connection Workshop
2:30pm The In's and Out's of Ochos Workshop
4-5pm Guided Práctica + Potluck!


  Drop-ins (space allowing): $25/workshop, $45 both workshops
  PRE-PAID by Jan 27th: $20/workshop, $35/both (students: $15, $25/both)
  Guided Práctica: $5 / FREE for workshop participants!

Limited Space | Pre-registration recommended


1:00pm Tango is About the Connection – Gabriela's signature workshop

Gabriela has shared her approach to tango through the prism of connection in Seattle, Buenos Aires, and across the country, both through her book When 1+1=1: That “Impossible” Connection and her tango teaching. This is her signature workshop: an introduction, a reminder, an excuse to slow down and listen, really listen to one another so that connecting becomes the foundation of the dance. From there, the possibilities are endless. Tango is about connecting with your partner, with those who share the space with you, and with yourself. Tango is About the Connection. (testimonials)

2:30pm The In's and Out's of Ochos – Why being an active "follow" is NOT "Back-Leading"

Why being an Active Follow is NOT "Back-Leading"... and how an active "follow" can be so fun and easy to dance and improvise with. We'll use ochos (the in's, out's and fundamentals of these essential spiral movements) to explore being active both as a follow and as a lead, so that you dance them together, so that you learn to move as one -- in ochos and all types of situations you'll encounter in your mutual embrace.
Check out the piece "A Place of 50-50", from Gabriela's book, When 1+1=1

4-5pm Guided Práctica

Let's share some snacks and discuss and practice the concepts explored in the workshops. Gabriela will be available for questions/trouble-shooting. Come tango, tango, tango!

Suggested attire: Please bring practice shoes as well as high heels.

Come walk with me...
Dancing here I've noticed that the spins and things are prevalent but few people "walk" with me. And by walk with me, I mean that simple, yet so sophisticated, decadent, takes-two-people type of walk. That will be the focus of the Tango is About the Connection Workshop. Deepen your connection, especially in the most "simple" of movements, the foundation of this walking dance and it will enhance the fancier movements, too!

Check out Gabriela's regular tango class series
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Pre-register, Reserve your spot, and SAVE $$

* Payment Options: Use a credit/debit card or PayPal account to prepay online, mail in a check, or pay in class (cash, check, credit/debit accepted).
PLEASE NOTE: Payment is required to reserve a spot.
* Pre-registration is non-refundable. Thank you for understanding. *

Connection Workshops - Feb 1st
Lead or Follow?
How did you find us?

Tango Connection Workshops - Feb 1st

$25/workshop, $45 both

PRE-PAID by Jan 27th:
$20/workshop, $35/both
Students: $15/workshop, $25/both

Private Lessons with Gabriela:

Gabriela Condrea teaches private lessons for beginning-advanced men, women, (follows, leads) and pairs and has done so all over the United States. Her focus is developing the connection, in the dance overall and in specific areas of difficulty. Gabriela's approach is holistic, seeking to shape her students' dance from the inside-out. In the more intimate setting of private instruction, she has the opportunity to address deeper issues particular to each individual or couple.

Pricing & payment:

$70/hr for individuals or pairs – Save $30 w/ purchase of 3 lessons
* Private lesson prices do not include floor fees/rental costs. An additional fee may apply.*

January Special: private lessons only $50/hr!

private lesson options

Payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, or by pre-paying here:

Questions? Contact Gabriela Condrea directly:

  206.778.3239 | info[at]

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