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Tango is About the Connection™

by Gabriela Condrea
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Beginners/Back to Basics Tango Class
tango couple + All Levels Guided Practica

Wednesdays, May 4th - June 1st, 2011
Level: Beginner

I'm excited about trying out all the ideas I've been coming up with and collecting!

7-8pm: Beginners/Back to Basic Tango Class

This class is designed for those new to tango or those who want to fine-tune the fundamentals of connection. It is an introduction to the physical language of communication that is the foundation of Argentine Tango. You can expect to learn some basic steps, but most importantly the key principals that govern the relationship between two bodies that embrace to move as one. ($50 for 5-week series, $12 drop-in)

8-9pm: Guided Práctica - Salí a la Cancha! (Get on the field!)

There's no better way to improve and get more comfortable with dancing tango than by practicing. I am a huge supporter of learning by doing. This small, intimate setting is ideal for practicing what you know or stretching the limits by exploring new things. I will be available for problem-solving/trouble-shooting if you need it or to help you generate ideas. All levels welcome! ($5)

Suggested attire: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that will not come off of your feet and that will allow you to turn/pivot easily. No partner necessary - just bring yourself!

14th & John (Capitol Hill)
111 14th Ave E Apt. A
Seattle, WA 98112  (map)

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