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Tango is About the Connection™

by Gabriela Condrea
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Tango Social Events by Gabriela

Gabriela Condrea photo by Gary Draluck

Tango is a powerful means for helping people connect and developing and strengthening partnerships of all kinds.

Inspired by the social aspects of this "social dance" and her focus on connection in her teaching and writing about tango and life, Gabriela Condrea designs these events to be easy and fun, making dance a game accessible to a wide range of people (including those with two left feet!). Tango is about connecting with your partner, with those who share the space with you, and with yourself. Tango is about the connection.™
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PRESENTING: Tango Happy Hour™ & Tango Speed Dating™!

Tango Happy Hour™ – Tuesdays @ 6pm games, 7-9pm práctica at Amber in Seattle!

Fun and easy. In-the-moment. Socializing will never be the same!

Tango Happy Hour™ by Gabriela CondreaLeave the email at the office, put facebook and twitter on hold, turn the text messages and notifications to silent, because we've got games to play, with real people, live, in-the-moment, face-to-face, now. Tango Happy Hour™ is an easy, low-pressure excuse to share some laughs and some good, old fashioned human interaction. Simple, tango-inspired partner games help break down the social barriers of meeting new people. You'll start out playing and laughing. After that, socializing is easy!

This is NOT a dance class. NO partner or experience necessary. Just bring yourself and come ready to play.

Come unwind with us, enjoy a drink, delicious food, and explore connection on a whole 'nother level!

Tango Speed Dating™ – pop-up style events all over Seattle! (get on the email list)

Before you even have to think about what to say...

Tango Speed Dating™ by Gabriela Condrea Forget clicking between profiles full of essays and 2-year-old pictures, hoping to get "favorited" and winked at. This tango speed dating event is a whole new way to interact with real people, live, in-person – a chance to connect through simple partner games using body language before you ever have to say anything! In-between games, you'll get a quick chance to introduce yourself and chat, before you switch partners!

And after the games, after the ice is broken, the Tango Speed Dating™ party will continue: we'll keep the music going so you'll have a chance to take advantage of each unique venue's tantalizing happy hour food & drink specials, mix and mingle with the people you've been sharing games and laughs with.

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About Gabriela

Argentine Tango teacher, speaker, and author of When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection, Gabriela Condrea develops partnerships of all kinds through the exploration of Argentine Tango and the universal theme of connection.

Inspired by my experience studying tango with Rodolfo Dinzel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am eager to impart what I have learned about creating a fluid connection of mutual respect through physical communication. Because tango is learning to let your feelings inform your dance, no two tangos are ever the same. It is a spontaneous, improvised conversation of two dynamic individuals and the community of dancers that surround them. Tango is about connecting with your partner, with those who share the space with you, and with yourself. Tango is about the connection.

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