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by Gabriela Condrea
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Back in the Bay! - Sept 2013
  Gabriela CondreaAuthor & Argentine Tango Teacher Gabriela Condrea by Gary Draluck

Gabriela Condrea is an Argentine Tango teacher and author of the book, When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection (now also in Spanish: Cuando 1+1=1). Gabriela teaches tango with the idea that the connection comes first and that if you build a good connection, the possibilities are endless. Make sure you catch her fun and challenging workshops, exploring tango from the inside, out! (Bio & Teaching Philosophy)


Sept 20th

8pm: Guest Teacher @ Release Tango Friday

Sept 21st

3-6pm: Tango Workshops @ Studio 1924
7:30pm: When 1+1=1 Interactive Book Presentation

Sept 22nd

3-5pm: QuirkyConnection Workshop w/ Sasha Cagen


Friday, Sept 20th

8:00-9:30p Active Following is NOT Backleading (All Levels)–

Why being an Active Follow is NOT "Back-Leading"... and how an active "follow" can be so fun and easy to dance and improvise with. We'll use ochos (the in's, out's and fundamentals of these very important spiral movements) to explore being active both as a follow and as a lead, so that you dance them together, so that you learn to move as one -- in ochos and all types of situations you'll encounter in your mutual embrace. Read "A Place of 50-50," from Gabriela's book, When 1+1=1

At Release Tango Fridays – 1 Grove Street
San Francisco, CA

Saturday, Sept 21st

WORKSHOPS at Studio1924

3:00-4:30p Tango is About the Connection (Adv. Beginners and beyond)–

Gabriela has shared her approach to tango through the prism of connection in Seattle, Buenos Aires, and across the country, both through her book When 1+1=1: That “Impossible” Connection and her tango teaching. This is her signature workshop: an introduction, a reminder, an excuse to slow down and listen, really listen to one another so that connecting becomes the foundation of the dance. From there, the possibilities are endless. Tango is about connecting with your partner, with those who share the space with you, and with yourself. Tango is About the Connection. (testimonials)

4:30-6:00p The Cross: So very Decadent, so very Tango (Int./Adv.)–

Building up to and deconstructing this very typically-tango movement. The cross can be one of the most delicious movements or one of the most awkward. Elements of presence, intention, tone and timing for both roles that will give you tools and the capacity to enjoy how wonderfully decadent this movement can be when two people fit together, when the puzzle pieces align. (This Workshop will build on concepts presented in the Tango is About the Connection Workshop preceding it on Sept 21st)

$30/workshop, $55 for both
pre-registration: $25/workshop, $45 for both
student rate for pre-registration: $20/wkshp or $30 for both

Pre-Registration via PayPal: info[at]studio1924.com
Studio1924 - 1924 Franklin St, Oakland CA
(FREE parking at Union Bank on Franklin St, between 19th & 20th St)

7:30p When 1+1=1 Interactive Book Presentation–

Using tango as a metaphor for human relationships, world traveling Seattle author and Argentine tango teacher Gabriela Condrea weaves in anecdotes with excerpts from her book When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection (with titles such as "High Heels and Yellow Hippopotamuses," "'Mistakes' are Just Unanticipated Opportunities," and "A New Flavor of Chocolate"), and spices things up with some easy interactive tango-inspired partner games – a fun introduction to the essence of tango.

At Sonja Riket's event at Café Mediterraneum,
2475 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley CA

Sunday, Sept 22nd

3:00-5:00p QuirkyConnection Tango Workshop (No experience necessary!)–

Personal growth + tango. It takes two to tango– How tango can help you connect with yourself and others. Local author Sasha Cagen (founder of the QuirkyAlone movement) is teaming up with Seattle author and tango teacher Gabriela Condrea (Tango is About the Connection) to offer a QuirkyConnection Tango Workshop that's about tango and connection, to yourself and others.

$25 / $20 prepay
pre-registration: QuirkyConnection Workshop

At The Beat – 2560 9th Street, Suite #119 (at Parker)
Berkeley, CA 94710

----------------------------- Bio & Philosophy ----------------------------

Gabriela on teaching tango:

“I teach tango with the idea that the connection comes first; that if you can build a good connection, the possibilities are endless. Tango is about what is, not what should be. Each tango is unique and each person brings something exceptional to the dance. Since the tango couple is more than just the sum of its parts, you can’t dance tango by yourself. Tango is about the connection with your partner, with those who share the space with you, and with yourself.” (video -->)


Gabriela Condrea is an educator by trade, an Argentine Tango teacher since May 2010, and the author of When 1+1=1: That “Impossible”Connection (and now Cuando 1+1=1), a tango-inspired book on interpersonal connection and human relationships – tango as a metaphor for life. Since releasing her book in August of 2011, Gabriela has taught tango and presented her book from Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida; Tempe, Arizona to Richmond, Virginia; Philadelphia to Portland, Maine; Prague; Seattle and Buenos Aires and many places in between. (more)

Private Lessons with Gabriela:

Gabriela Condrea teaches private lessons for beginning-advanced men, women, (follows, leads) and pairs and has done so all over the United States. Her focus is developing the connection, in the dance overall and in specific areas of difficulty. Gabriela's approach is holistic, seeking to shape her students' dance from the inside-out. In the more intimate setting of private instruction, she has the opportunity to address deeper issues particular to each individual or couple. Rate = $70/hr + floor fees (if applicable)

Please contact Gabriela for availability.

Questions? Contact Gabriela Condrea directly:

  206.778.3239 | info[at]gabrielacondrea.com

More on Gabriela's Writing & Tango Projects:

  blog: Invisible-Ties.blogspot.com | twitter: @gcondrea
  facebook: Tango is About the Connection & When 1+1=1 by Gabriela Condrea