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When 1+1=1 by Gabriela Condrea

Book: When 1+1=1

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Using movement to develop and strengthen partnerships of all kinds.

In our world of computer screens and text messages, we can all use more ways to re-connect with ourselves, our partner, as a community. Connection through Movement is a new approach: a fun, interactive workshop exploring connection and improvisation – through movement.

Photography by Eduardo Inclouds, De Carbón Azul

Photography by Eduardo Inclouds, De Carbón Azul

School Workshop

Photography by Eduardo Inclouds, De Carbón Azul

Workshop in Redmond, WA

Movement Dialogues, Photography by Eduardo Inclouds, De Carbón Azul

Movement Dialogues, Photography by Eduardo Inclouds, De Carbón Azul

Workshop in Boise, Idaho

Workshop at OmFusion, Seattle

A Workshop for your Group

A master connector. With 20 years of teaching experience – including movement disciplines – author of the book When 1+1=1, Gabriela Condrea develops interactive workshops to tackle tough topics, for growth with a fun, kinesthetic twist. (Contact Gabriela to design a workshop for your organization)

Photo by Eduardo Inclouds - UCC Dialogues   - corporate teambuilding
  - networking events
  - conference / convention ice-breakers
  - office / company functions
  - school / college programs & events
  - community events
  - private parties
  - social mixers

– Topics –

Partnership + Connection

One plus one is one. Co-create. Move as one and the possibilities are endless.

Community + Teambuilding

The only way to win, is together – we all take part in forming the team, the circle.

Leadership + Charisma Training

Attitude is at least half the battle. Be it. See it. Fake it till you make it.

Change + Flexibility

The only constant is change. Embrace it, make it yours. Find power when the terrain shifts.

Creativity + Improvisation

"Paint Outside the Lines", "Dance like Water" – When 1+1=1

Feminine Power

Soft and soothing, and fiesty. Find your inner tigress. Honor her and be an awesome partner.

Masculine Power

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Integrity, honor, strength.

Custom topic – Just ask!

– Benefits –

In these workshops, participants will explore and develop:

   - a deeper awareness of themselves and their role in a partnership/team
   - an elastic partnership/team that is flexible enough for each person to grow and contribute
   - four-leggedness, where the ultimate goal is collaboration
   - sweet vulnerability, the beauty of giving up a little control in order to build, together
   - trust, in themselves and in their partner/team
   - the effects of different leadership strategies, in motion
   - paint outside the lines, create together

– Testimonials –

"You encouraged us to be with not only our partner, but to be aware of giving to ourselves, as well."

"...a journey through our body."

"I loved the class for working on slowing down."

"I feel the potential of being able to listen and being listened to."

"I feel like I have permission to be more of an active partner."

– Fee Schedule –

1-2 hour interactive workshop presentations...

$250 – corporations, associations

$150 – schools, churches/temples, non-profits

Fees include all preparation, a pre-presentation consultation, and travel.
Additional travel costs may apply outside the Greater Seattle Area.
50% deposit required to book
(fees subject to change at any time)

* Complimentary presentation with bulk purchase of 25+ books *
(custom inscription/logo option available)

When 1+1=1 by Gabriela Condrea

Check out Gabriela's book,
When 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection

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