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Gabriela Condrea

Author, speaker, teacher – specializing in connection

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Connection through Movement Workshops
Tango Happy Hour™ ~ Tuesdays
When 1+1=1 by Gabriela Condrea
TANGO LAB by Gabriela Condrea
Monthly Tango is About the Connection Workshops
SPIT ~ Public Speaking Group
Portrait Photography by Gabriela Condrea

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Gabriela Condrea - connection, tango, When 1+1=1

Gabriela's 2012 Book & Tango Tour - US & Canada

Find more videos and pictures from Gabriela's 2012 Book & Tango Tour on her blog, Invisible-Ties.

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Patrick Snow - publishing coach DIY Lettering
Firestones across the US Personal Camera Crew Honda of Seattle
Seattle Gymnastics Academy Union Cultural Center Boruck Printing

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